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The Tanning Salon is the premier tanning salon in the Loveland area, offering a wide range of tanning services and products to give you the look you want. Whether it's a vacation, wedding, event or simply wanting a healthy glow and your dose of Vitamin D, we have got you covered.

Welcome to The Tanning Salon

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2232 W. 1st Street

Loveland, CO 80537




Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 7:00pm

Sat: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun: 11:00am - 3:00pm


Level 1 
20 minute max tan time
High Pressure Facial Tanners
8-10 sessions to build base tan
4-6 sessions per week to maintain

Level 2
15 minute max tan time
Hight Pressure Facial Tanners
6-8 sessions to build a tan
3-4 sessions per week to maintain

Level 3
12 minute max tan time
Stand Up unit
4-6 sessions to build base tan
2-3 sessions per week to maintain
Level 4
9 Minute max tan time
Stand up unit
4-6 session to build a base tan
2-3 sessions per week to maintain


Custom Spray Tans
 This type of spray tan allows for the best, most complete and controlled coverage, especially where coverage is needed.

With a few different  shade options and add-ons, your spray tan can be customized just for you.

15 minute appointment
lasts 7- 10 days


Red Light Therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy(LLLT), uses LED's or lasers as an alternative therapy for pain relief, as well as to promote good cell functions. These types of of wavelengths of lasers are effective in speeding up wound healing, reducing the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome and lowering the pain in diseases like arthritis. 

 How it Works
The red light of the lamps penetrates the tissue to a depth of about 8-10 mm, enhancing collagen production. Skin layers, because of their high blood and water content, easily absorb the red light. This process is extremely beneficial in treating problems close to the skins surface, such as wrinkles, age spots,, broken capillaries, wounds, scars and stretch marks. Studies have shown that visible red light enhances our skin's cellular activity. The concentrated light energy strengthens the skin and improves oxygenation. Hydration also increases which results in the detoxification of skin pores and restores elasticity.

Most individuals need to go 3-4 times a week for 8 weeks in order to see results. After 8 week period, recommended us is 1-2 times per week.

Sessions are 20 minute max


The Fit Bodywrap system is a revitalizing full body sauna wrap treatment that cocoons you in a soothing far infared heat.

Infared heat works by warming the body from the inside out to raise the core body tempera ture, increase metabolic rate, shrink fat cells and encourage the production of sweat.

 The benefits;

weight Loss, pain relief, anti-aging, mind and body wellness, fitness recovery,detoxification, cellulite reduction and skin care just to name a few.

Each session is an hour long and can be done every other day or 3 times a week.​


We carry a wide variety of tanning lotions; intensifiers, accelerators, bronzers and tingles. We will also do a special order if there is something that you want and we don't carry it. 

We have Red Light Therapy lotions to apply before and after treatments and target serums.

Hempz moisturizers in a variety of scents.

Spray Tan products for prep and maintenance.

Level 1
$10 Singles, $45 Month Unlimited
Level 2
$11 Singles, $55 Month Unlimited
Level 3
$12 Singles, $65 Month Unlimited
Level 4
$17 Singles, $75 Month Unlimited
Red Light Therapy
$15 Singles, $55 Month Unlimited
(can add to any monthly package for $10 per month)
Two Weeks Unlimited
Membership Pricing
(monthly for 12 months)
Level 1 $29.99
Level 2 $39.99
Level 3 $49.99
Level 4 $59.99
RLT $55.00
Spray Tanning
Medium $45
Half & Half $50
Double Dark $55
3 for $120

Fit Bodywrap
1 Session $69
2 Sessions $99
3 Sessions $129
4 Sessions $159
Membership - $140 per month
(includes 4 wraps, and each additional wrap is $20)
Please call to schedule an appointment

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